Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Tracy Spiridakos lived there until she was four years old when her parents took her and her two brothers to the small village of Skala in Greece, just south of Sparta. Tracy later returned to Winnipeg and spent a lot of her spare time and summer holidays working at her parents’ restaurant. She was always the entertainer among her family and friends and knew it was only a matter of time before she would take the leap of faith, move to Vancouver and start her journey to becoming the actress she always wanted to be.

She experienced success as a newcomer, and it wasn’t long before she booked her first role. She has appeared in numerous television productions such as “Supernatural,” “Hellcats,” “Psych,” “Being Human” and her own series, “MTracy ority Rule,” where she played the town’s mayor, as well as a number of television movies including “RAGZ.” She also landed a role in the feature film “Caesar: Rise of the Apes,” and a lead role in the upcoming feature “The New Girl.” Her big breakthrough came in 2012, with the lead role in the new drama series “Revolution”.

When she isn’t working, Tracy enjoys reading, snowboarding, kickboxing or just hanging out with her dog Jersey and her family and friends. If you want to learn more about this rising star, browse through our pages below to learn more about her in our in-depth biography, find out what she favours in life at our “Favorites” page, check out her contact adresse if you want to attempt asking for a autograph or letter, read through a collection of trivia bits and quotes, take a look at her look and style changes through the years and much more…

” I train every moment that I have, with different instructors, all the time. I like to challenge myself. And you know, I had my heart set to come into this, to get here. I think if you want it, just keep going for it and chasing your dream and writing your own stuff and getting involved in the industry however you can. Just never give up.” – Tracy Spiridakos


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